Do not be afraid to go all-in

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55555Sometimes your opponents allow you to win a pot by making a clear mistake. I recently played this hand in a $1,500 preliminary event at the WSOP. A player who had been fairly aggressive from late position raised to 1,600 out of his 35,000 stack at 300/600-100 from the cutoff and a loose, passive, weak player with 40,000 chips called on button. Read More

Guest Blog Post: Ken Adams

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For those of you who don’t know me, I am a 68-year old amateur part-time tournament player.  I began playing tournament poker in earnest in the 1990’s and even though my family life and full time job as a lawyer left me time to play only a dozen tournaments a year, I had just begun to enjoy some modest success when the internet poker boom hit.  Read More

Learning from Zach Elwood

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Zach Elwood

This blog post initially appeared as a guest post on Zach Elwood’s blog at For the best information about poker tells, check it out.


Whenever I am in the middle of any sort of significant downswing, I make a point to study the technical aspects of the game as much as possible while also seeing if anything else is going wrong with my game.

In this blog post, I will discuss how poker tells helped me claw out of my biggest downswing to date and also list ways you can use tells to improve your game.

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Evaulating Top Pair

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11Since top pair is the most common “value” hand you will make after the flop, it is important to fully understand how to play it. Despite the frequency with which you make top pair, most amateur players misplay this holding on a regular basis. It is important to realize that all top pairs are not created equal.

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