Adapt or Perish

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222I am away on my honeymoon so this week’s blog post is a guest post by Pamela Maldonado, who is part of the editorial team at PokerNews. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

In 2013 I played my first ever WSOP Event — the $1,000 Ladies tournament. It was a 3-day event with 954 entrants and I lasted a disappointing two hours.  Like many other players, I was eliminated by a bad beat.  I don’t like to complain so I’m not going to, but after the event was over I wasn’t as disappointed in the hand that sent me to the rail as I was in my play and outlook for the rest of that tournament.  Turns out I was a fish. Read More

Figure out their range (then do something about it!)

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44In my new book, Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em, out of the 500 pages, quite a few are dedicated to in-depth range analysis. While most advanced players know how to put their opponents on a range of hands, it seems like very few of them actually get out of line and take advantage of their range assessment abilities. I recently played a hand in the $3,500 Borgata WPT event where I was fairly certain I knew both of my opponents’ ranges. The only problem was that one, if not both of my opponents had me in bad shape. Read More

One Year Anniversary

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oneIt is hard for me to believe, but the reincarnated website is one year old! Managing this site and making sure all of the content is produced and uploaded at the correct time is a ton of work. That being said, this website has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Every day when I roll out of bed, I look forward to working on it and sharing my experiences with you.  Read More

67th place in the Colossus WSOP event

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WSOP CropBy James Iglinsky

Since 2010, I have been traveling to Las Vegas from Houston to play in a WSOP event. I don’t get the opportunity to play much, as the closest casino game is 2.5 hours away and I will not play in any of the local raked home games.

Leading up to this year’s WSOP trip, I began a heavy study schedule watching videos and playing hand packs from InstaPoker. Then I joined Jonathan Little’s online training site, Read More

Live Open Face Chinese Poker

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Lessons I’ve Learned at the World Championship

by Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer-Shahade-1_mini - CopyThe two-time US women’s chess champion, and PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade admits that her biggest highlight of this poker season was winning the TonyBet Open Face Chinese World Championship High Roller event. Not only was it the biggest live buy-in she ever played, it was also the biggest cash prize of her career.

Since the event was streamed live, the recorded video footage allowed Jennifer to analyze her own game and use it to teach others about OFC poker. In this piece Jennifer shares her thoughts on two hands she played during the tournament and looks at them in more detail. Read More

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