Getting there on the river

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jl cashThe following hand is from one of my newest books, Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games, Volume 2, The Practice. This book is a collection of 105 in-depth hand quizzes that I played at $10/$20 and $20/$40 No-Limit at the Commerce Casino. My students have told me this is one of my best work to date. If you haven’t check it out already, I suggest you do so. Would you have played this hand the same way I did? What do you think about this quiz format? Let me know! Read More

Don’t let them push you around

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poker-bullyingThis hand is from the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Asia Pacific Main Event. I arrived to my seat on time, only to find four other players at my table. Everyone was playing what seemed to be a somewhat tight, aggressive strategy besides one player who was clearly trying to win every pot he entered, which happened to be most of them. Prior to this hand, we only played a few pots together, with him winning a few small ones from me.
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I am now part of Pocarr

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Pocarr-twitter-profileI am excited to announce that I am now an investor in the poker backing stable Pocarr. is unique in that they are more than happy to stake micro, small, and medium stakes players, as well as high stakes players. They offer a wide range of excellent training videos and webinars to help you progress your poker skills. Their set up is especially beneficial for players with a minimal bankroll who have the dedication required to succeed. Read More

Borgata Poker Open Video Blog

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I recently traveled to Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open. Amie (my wife) tagged along for the first few days. It was fun! Life is great when she is around. In this video blog, we hang around Borgata then I tackle the high stakes tournaments. I was fortunate enough to cash in both of the events I played but didn’t come away with a big score. All in all though, it was an excellent trip.

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Observations from the 2015 WSOP

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8888Every year at the WSOP, I witness amateurs commit blatant errors on a regular basis that are easily fixable. In this blog post, I am going to share with you a few of these errors.

When a professional shows up at your table, do not let him know that you fear/respect/admire him, especially if you plan to stay out of his way. Read More

Almost the nuts on the river

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littleoneThis hand is from the $1,111 buy-in Little One Drop event that took place during the 2015 World Series of Poker. This event attracted a huge field of 4,555 people. I managed to take 67th place for $7,215, which is always nice! When playing a tournament that consists of mostly amateur players, it is important to get full value when you are fortunate enough to flop a strong hand. Don’t let your opponent off the hook by slow playing. Read More

EPT Barcelona 2015 Video Blog

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I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Barcelona to play the European Poker Tour events. This trip was tough because I ran quite poorly at poker, at least initially. I also never got on the right sleep schedule, likely because I went directly to Spain from Hawaii, which is on the exact other side of the world. It was tough! Below the video are links about my wedding and also links to a few fun hands I played in Barcelona.

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Three mistakes you don’t realize you are making

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3tipsToday’s blog post was inspired by the mistakes I witnessed numerous amateur players commit on a regular basis during the WSOP. Most of these players were oblivious to the blunders they were making. These mistakes are difficult for amateurs to notice, especially those who play in the small or middle stake games, because the vast majority of the player pool exhibits these flaws. Once amateurs become enlightened to these errors, they will instantly be able to improve their strategies and mindset, allowing them to focus on other elements of the game. Read More

I need your help with my next book

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111I recently hosted a live webinar (click the link for a FREE 31 minute video) where I discussed and analyzed my play from a few sessions of live $1/$2 no-limit at Borgata. During these sessions I did quite well by getting blatantly out of line and exploiting my opponents’ specific tendencies. Since this webinar was so well received, and Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments is constantly the #1 Kindle book, I have decided to make a new book about the strategies I used to crush the small stakes cash games. Read More

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