• Nick Sublime says:

    Yep, I would have gone broke. Thinking that he raised on a flush draw (as most amateurs do), I may have called 1 time, but would have put significantly more in on the turn. One of my 3117 leaks. I’m getting there. Great blogs as usual JL.

  • Sandy Gibides says:

    I have all of your books on my IPod and listen to them over and over and they have changed my game for the better! I LOVE you latest on Bluffing!!! thanks for the great explanations! Sandy

  • Michael says:

    I had a similar situation to this happen today. I played it differently naturally, as I am still a newb. What follows is the 6th or 7th hand of the tourney. 25/50 Blinds. I was sitting UTG+3. I get dealt 6d-6s. UTG+2 limps, I raise 150. Folds around to BB who calls and UTG+2 calls. Flop comes 6c-Ad-As. Checks around to me and I make a continuation bet of 300 which is called by both. Turn comes 6c-Ad-As-Kc. BB raises 500, UTG+2 reraises 1000, I call. River comes 6c-Ad-As-Kc-9d. BB checks, UTG+2 raises 2000. I go all in, thinking this guy has K-J or 10-10 or maybe even an Ax. BB folds. Cards come out and the UTG+2 had Ks-Kh. WTF kind of poor play is that? Who limps with K-K and then stays in with that kind of flop? How could I have played it differently, what should I have done. Teach me oh great one!

    • I would certainly not raise the river. When you get called, you are almost certainly beat. Many players will fold Ax to a river raise. When your raise gets called, you will often be against a better full house.
      Some amateur players play K-K passively and are then unable to fold on somewhat safe flops like A-A-6 even when facing a bet and call.

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