I have been secretly working hard on a huge project for the last year and I am excited to finally be able to share it with you. A few years ago, I realized that the best poker players have a huge edge that amateurs will almost certainly never experience. Professional poker players have the ability to discuss high level concepts with other pros on a regular basis. While amateurs struggle to figure out the game by talking to other amateurs and watching other amateurs play, pros get insights from the best in the world and experience high-level poker on a daily basis. This accelerates the speed at which pros learn such that the amateurs will have a nearly impossible time catching up.

While I routinely give my followers access to my poker strategies and thoughts, I wanted to do more. I decided to give everyone a look into the minds of some of the best players and thinkers in the game by writing a book with 17 other top professionals and poker instructors. Together we produced what I am confident will be the most impactful poker book that has been released in a long time.

I present to you Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em.

Excelling cover


I gave each author the freedom to write about whatever topic he or she wanted to because I know when I am passionate about something, I produce amazing content. The authors did not disappoint. Here is a list of everyone involved:

Phil Hellmuth

Mike Sexton

Olivier Busquet

Liv Boeree

Chris Moneymaker

Scott Clements

Bernard Lee

Ed Miller

Alex Fitzgerald

Evan Jarvis

Matt Affleck

Chad Holloway

Will Tipton

Jared Tendler

Patricia Cardner

Elliot Roe

Zach Elwood

Jonathan Little

Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em (which will be roughly 500 pages long!) is now available wherever you buy your books and will be released on 6/13/2015 during the WSOP. We are going to have a launch event at some point, although I not exactly sure when.

I learned a ton about all aspects of poker while collaborating with the other authors of this book and I am confident you will too. If you are excited about this book, please share this post with your friends.


  • Avatar Tommy Z says:

    I wish it was out now so I could read it and digest it before the WSOP Cherokee and Wsop. I am sure it will be great!

  • Avatar Tom Weight says:

    This is a really exciting concept. Congratulations!

  • Avatar Jason C says:

    I need something to get me over the hump…looking forward to reading this book!!!

  • Avatar Chris Brant says:

    Well you´ve certainly gathered some great minds together. I thought your 3 volume series were the last books I was going to buy, although I do intend to take your advice and buy Tipton´s book. Like the first poster said: I wish it was out now. Roll on june!

  • Avatar Bill Carey says:

    Congratulations! With all those big names contributing it must not have been easy to pull off. This puts you on top of the list of published players. Again congratulations!

  • Avatar Robert Ische says:

    Love these type of books. It will be hard to wait… But I will..

  • Avatar john says:

    Sorry man, everyone plays online nowadays, mostly of those guys play live and besides Alex I can’t see huge online regs here. Amateur players don’t care about live, they want onlibne stuff! They want rages, position, spots, situations, icm, bobble. Is this going to be another mental book? Camon man, Moneymaker?… Not trolling but isn’t going to be what amateur players need cause want they need is a step by step thing, a way to rebuild yourself! One guy is going to talk one thing and other guy is going to say the opposite in the same book, so you as an amateur shouldd do what it suites you better? Wtf advice is going to be that to an amateur? Been there done that.
    Good luck tho.

    • It seems like your perception is flawed. While lots of players play online, the vast majority of players still play small stakes live poker. Especially in America, no one cares too much about online poker. If you want discussion on ranges, position, ICM, bubble discussion, etc, then this book is certainly for you. I personally wrote an entire chapter on ICM and how to use it to demolish final tables.
      This is not another mental book although there are three out of the 17 chapters devoted to that. Moneymaker’s chapter will be super-helpful to live players. There are no contradictions throughout the book because I went through and collaborated with all of the authors. I can confidently vouch for all of the information in the book. It seems like you are assuming a lot without having read the book.
      As for your thought that there are no online guys involced, I have a decent online resume, especially considering I only play on sporadic Sundays:
      Oliver Busquet is perhaps one of the biggest winners in online history. Here are his PokerStars results.
      Olivier's results
      As you mention, Alex Fitzgerald is an excellent online player, as is Evan Jarvis.
      I made this book so that is has something for everyone, which it certainly does. I would be shocked if even the best players in the world do not learn something, as I know that I learned a ton while collaborating with the authors.

    • Avatar MemphisMOJO says:

      When Moneymaker won the ME, he wasn’t all that great, but he’s pretty good now. Check out his stats at the Hendon Mob site.

  • Avatar Edward L says:

    I hear ya Tommy Z and I know who you be! It will be great, and won’t come soon enough! But check out JL site for great learning tools already until the book comes out.

    Happy 2015

  • Avatar Al Spath says:

    I hope to find a copy in the mail so I can review it for online sites like the newly launched Gambling Forums and submit my review to Ante Up Magazine so Scott can publish the review.

    I’ve sent Jonathan’s emails (about his webinars and videos) to each of my clients and without a doubt, they all have raved about his content and presentations.

    I can only imagine with his oversight the book will be well received, but I get ahead of myself with any review, I’ll just have to wait and read like everyone else.

    Congrats, Tricia is posting about it at the forum site I mentioned above, hopefully when available, others with plug it through their social media outlets.

    • I am glad everyone has found the advice to be helpful. I am sure they will love Excelling.

    • Avatar Nick Seelt says:

      I guess I am one of the many who just want to be better. I tried the Pokertest IQ and came out at 99, so I have a long way to go, but I have all the time in the world to learn because I am retired.. I have never used HUD,because I don’t play on line very much YET. I am using Advanced Poker Traininig and loving that. My discussion skills are pretty basic but I do want to get involved. Cheers Nick from Australia

    • You have come to the right place! Be sure to sign up for my league at jonathanlittlepoker.com/homegame

  • Avatar Alan H says:

    It’s amazing how much time you dedicate to teaching aspiring poker players! Without a doubt, this puts you as THE #1 author when it comes to poker books that are truly meaningful and relevant. My game has improved by leaps and bounds due to your books, webinars, and also private training. Thanks Jonathan!!!

  • Avatar Samuel Duguay-Ricard says:

    I’ll buy this book for sure. It won’t be my first material from you Mr.Little
    My game has changed so much since I follow you. Thank you for that.

  • Avatar Brett says:

    Sounds like you are missing the point. This book is for players who are trying to take their game up several notches to the pro level.
    You can be a great amateur player / mid level player but you need the insight of pro players to be a SUCCESSFUL pro player. Thank you J.L. for taking the time to put all this quality information together and share with us. BB

  • Avatar Juan Pablo says:

    It obviously will be on Amazon available for pre-order and international shipping, right???
    This book looks insane, I think it’s only missing a little Matthew Janda lol

  • Looking forward to it big time. Players who don’t think they can elevate their game won’t.

  • Avatar Dale B says:

    I have played in many tournaments with your father and have followed your career,
    and watch every webnair I can get from you, still have a lot to learn from you and hope to be able to afford
    this new book,and thanks for being here, CaptDale

  • Avatar Rick Gleason says:

    Congratulations on the new book Jonathan. I’ll look forward to reading it. It’s jumped to the top of my to-buy list. Thanks for all your efforts in bringing these concepts to the little people! It couldn’t have been easy bringing all these great minds together, and without “contradiction!” That’s an achievement in itself!

    I’ve always enjoyed learning about the game from your perspective. Keep up the good work, and thanks so much for sharing!

  • Avatar Steve says:

    Will be interested in reading. Have quite a bit of your material

  • Avatar Juan José says:

    Thanks from Spain , Jonathan .
    Your books amazing me , your commun sense

  • Avatar Ed says:

    since you say most US players are live small stakes players, can I assume there will be ample cash game content?
    looking forward to it!

  • Avatar Juan Pablo Rubio says:

    Hey man, just one question, will it be available for kindle??

  • Avatar ray leone says:

    Jonathan I am a professional speaker and teach global sales strategies around the globe.
    I started following you a couple years ago and we met at a JAX BestBet tourn. You are not just a great poker player, you know how to package and teach it.
    I am confident that the book will be all that is promised

  • Avatar Casper says:

    Hey man, i live in kansas and I’m going to a no entry, no buy in blackjack showdown tournament at the Kansas Star Casino, only been at the casino 3 times, located in Mulvane. Im pretty good at.holdem and would like to play you sometime and see how far id last hah. But anyways, the winner gets $5000 first place and an advance to a hold em showdown for 10k. Any advice, i take notes and study alot and have been getting emails from you but haven’t been keeping up lol i play alot of house games and takes notes and started reading card player magazines, im 21 and wanna have a career in poker, not for the money but for the game. I love the psychology and anticipation of achieving an excellent strategic game. And math just happens to be my favorite when it comes down to it. Thanks.

    • I suggest you check out my book Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker tournaments, found at jonathanlittlepoker.com/strategies and also check out my audio books at jonathanlittlepoker.com/free. Good luck!

  • Avatar Casper says:

    Nice advice but imma save money… thanks. 😉

  • Avatar _RigD says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I’m french and i’m working hard on my game since i discovered your first book, which is the best theorical material i’ve ever study. Thank you so much for your work, it helped me a lot to evolve.

    So, i would like to thank you for all of the stuff you released until now, like the Weekly Poker hand series, books, and all… I think you’re one of the great.

    Let me advice you to read a book that i loved, i think it will be very interesting for you : it’s “The Art of Learning”, from Josh Waitzkin, who was an amazing chess player and who’s now a Tai Chi master. Did you read the Dogishead book’s too (Philosophy of a Poker Player) ?

    Be sure i will buy “Excelling at NLHE” (Perperback version) and study it hard ! It seems AWESOME and the book looks so cool.

    Congrats for your FIRST final table at the WSOP. Will you play somme High Rollers event ?

    Best of luck for the next !

    • Thanks for the kind words. I have read Art of Learning but not Doghead’s. I’ll check it out. I am not sure of the high roller events at the WSOP besides the $100,000+ ones. I will not be playing those unless something changes.

  • Avatar Arek says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    got the book at the WSOP and love it. Read it several times already and still go back to reread thing here and there. Look forward to the online Webinars. Any idea when you will start those?

  • Avatar larry kaye says:

    just bought… look forward to reading it… thanks

  • Avatar John Leung says:

    Got the audible version recently since I drive a lot around the country! Amazing content. Really makes you think about your game and thus it will improve your game. I will probably have to buy the actual book to to study the hand example and concepts better.

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