I recently taught a live 3-hour webinar where I revealed how to increase your aggression in order to maximize your profits at the poker table.

I also went over multiple hand examples to illustrate various situations where you should increase your aggression.

Here are the topics I covered on this 3-hour webinar:

  • Why increase aggression?
  • Bankroll management implications
  • Open raise with more hands
  • Typical button raising range
  • Attack limpers
  • Squeeze when it makes sense
  • Open pushing when short stacked
  • Open pushing vs. other plays
  • Reraise preflop with a wider range
  • Recognize when you are being reraised wide and 4-bet
  • Bet when checked to
  • Float the flop
  • Playing the turn when checked to
  • Playing the turn when bet into again
  • Raise the flop
  • Check raise the flop
  • Attack scary boards
  • Attack strong ranges when your opponent thinks you are also strong
  • Raise to increase your equity
  • Do not blindly apply aggression