Top 5 Mistakes Amateur Poker Players Make

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In this blog post, I am going to share with you five mistakes most amateur players make on a regular basis. If you stop making these mistakes, you will immediately see an increase to your win rate.

  1. Overplaying marginal made hands

Almost without fail, every time I play a major tournament where lots of people satellite in, I see an amateur vastly overplay a hand like A-A after the flop. They see a flop of J-9-5, think they have the nuts, and strive to get all-in. In reality, when 300 big blinds go into the pot in this spot, A-A is almost always crushed. Read More

My Three Podcasts

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I love my students and want to help them as much as I can. To say I put out a lot of content for them is the understatement of the year. Each week I spend numerous hours making podcasts (both in audio and video form). In this blog post, I will explain the differences between the three podcasts. If you do not already, please subscribe and share them with your friends! If you have any comments or ideas for making the podcasts better, please let me know in the comment section below. I am always trying to improve!


Weekly Poker Hand was my first podcast started over four years ago. I go through one interesting hand each week and explain my thought process on each betting round. Sometimes I review my hands and other times I review small stakes hands. Starting in episode 200, I started using live footage instead of a replayer. So far, you seem to like that better, so I will keep it up.

Read More

Demonstrating ICMizer NITRO

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It is no secret that I am a huge fan of ICMizer, and it just got way better. The new NITRO feature allows you to upload entire tournament hand histories in just a few seconds and it quickly pinpoints the hands where you may have made an error. It is awesome! If you play tournaments and are not actively studying these situations, you are almost certainly making costly mistakes. Get your copy of ICMizer now at

Playing a Marginal Made Hand with a Draw

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I was recently told about a dicey situation from a $1/$2 game that you should strive to avoid while playing. A loose, weak player with $80 limped from middle position and our Hero found Jd-7d in the cutoff with a $200 stack. Hero decided to raise to $10.

Hero told me that he thought he could outplay the limper, winning most pots where the limper missed while sidestepping difficult situations where Hero happens to flop well but is still behind. While this may be true, as stacks start to get shallow ($80 is only 40 big blinds), you should mostly raise limpers with strong big cards and hands that have a lot of potential to make strong postflop hands, like Tc-9c. Jh-7h is simply too weak to justify raising. Hero should fold and wait for a better spot. An added bonus of playing only reasonable hands (besides making better postflop hands) is that your raises over limpers will tend to elicit most folds compared to when you frequently raise. If you are mindlessly aggressive, even the most obtuse opponents will eventually figure out your strategy. Read More

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