Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

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2013 World Series of Poker $10K Main Event Final TableI am pleased to announce my book, Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments. One of the most asked questions I receive on a regular basis is something along the lines of “I know you can teach me to beat decent players who play in a reasonable manner, but how do you suggest I beat overly bad players who play in small stakes tournaments?”

(for cash games, check out Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Cash Games) Read More

How to thrive when card dead

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333Often I am asked “How do I survive in a poker tournament when I am completely card dead?” The short and most honest answer is “You don’t.” When you have no playable hands for an extended period of time, especially when the blinds are large compared to your stack, you are going to have a tough time winning. That being said, in this blog post I will offer a few tips you can use that will give you the best chance of surviving when you are card dead. Used intelligently, these plays will occasionally sustain you until you pick up some playable hands. Read More

My secret project

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I have been secretly working hard on a huge project for the last year and I am excited to finally be able to share it with you. A few years ago, I realized that the best poker players have a huge edge that amateurs will almost certainly never experience. Professional poker players have the ability to discuss high level concepts with other pros on a regular basis. While amateurs struggle to figure out the game by talking to other amateurs and watching other amateurs play, pros get insights from the best in the world and experience high-level poker on a daily basis. This accelerates the speed at which pros learn such that the amateurs will have a nearly impossible time catching up. Read More

Five Fun Hands

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777In this blog post, I will share five hands I recently played that I found to be particularly interesting. In order to view the hands, simply click each hand’s image and it will open the hand replayer in a different window in your internet browser. I make a point to spend a ton of time reviewing not only my hands, but hands of players I perceive to be good. If you spend time figuring out why strong players do what they do, you will increase your profitability significantly. I hope you enjoy the hands!  Read More

Adjusting to world-class players

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This is my table from a recent $25,000 buy-in event.

This is my table from a recent $25,000 buy-in event.

Poker tournaments are interesting, especially compared to cash games, because the skill level of your opponents can vary wildly. While there will be winners and losers in a $1/$2 cash game, most of the players simply do not play too well because if they did, they would be playing for higher stakes. Read More

Learning from Phil Hellmuth Jr.

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ph-wsope-logoI was recently honored to host a live webinar with 13-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth Jr. While Phil is a bit of an enigma in the poker world because no one quite understands how he wins on a consistent basis in high stakes poker tournaments, I knew there were countless skills I could learn from him. When you have the opportunity to discuss poker strategy with one of the most successful poker players in the world, you listen!

Since the webinar, I have implemented numerous concepts we discussed, drastically increasing my profits at the table.

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10 Tips to instantly make you more profitable

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10tips1In this blog post, I am going to share 10 tips with you that will instantly make you a more profitable player, especially in tournaments. While most players think that playing a fundamentally sound strategy is the only thing that matters, through diligent study and common sense, you will find that the game extends far beyond the felt. I hope this blog post enlightens you to some of these concepts. Read More

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